CANTIENICA – Method for Body Shape & Posture

The CANTIENICA® – body concept was developed by Benita Cantieni, initially to heal herself. She was suffering of scoliosis and hip joint arthrosis. One day a doctor said to her „What if you don’t HAVE scoliosis but CREATE it! – That was the turning point for her. She learned by doing that postural deviations and bad habits can be „unlearned“ and transformed. Today, she enjoys moving without pain (with a perfectly straightened spine!) and does the splits. Her method is an anatomically substantiated posture and movement concept.

What is it about?
In a nutshell: it’s all about using your muscles and bones the right way.

CANTIENICA® exercises

  • align your bones and help them reach their optimal shape
  • mobilize your joints
  • unfold from within while constantly connecting and strengthening the deep core muscles in this new healthy position

How does it work?
First, all bones are aligned the way they were meant to be. The muscles that hold the bones in this ideal position are the deep core muscles: The pelvic floor muscles team up with all the other muscles close to the skeleton and are strengthened in this position. The exercises are never confined to one certain body part, each one trains your body from toe to head.


  • All exercises are safe if performed correctly
  • Perfect posture and physical harmony
  • You will „unlearn“ inconvenient movement patterns and integrate the new exercises and principles in your daily life activities
  • CANTIENICA® exercises make you radiant and self-confident. Your body becomes strong and healthy – regardless of your age, size or weight

CANTIENICA® pelvic floor training classes really make a difference because they address the innermost largest pelvic floor layer (levator ani). This is not only helpful in cases of urinary incontinence or organ prolapse but also provides the best foundation for the spine: it gives it a secure hold so it can stretch up and expand.

For me personally, CANTIENICA® is more a life style than a training method. I practise at the bus stop, when standing in line, while jogging, talking on the phone, drying my hair, cleaning the bath tub, picking up kids etc. It’s a MUST HAVE, I couldn’t live without it any more…

Curious? – Join me on an exciting journey towards body ease and lightness…
It’s worth it and a lot of fun!

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The perfect pelvic floor training for men and women
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